Wax Melt Safety

To ensure you get the maximum results from our wax melts whilst maintaining safety at all times please follow this simple but effective guidance. 



  • Keep melted wax away from children and pets.
  • Always use within sight, never leave unattended.
  • Always ensure that you never overfill your burner bowl.
  • Wax will remain hot after the tea light has extinguished or your burner has been switched off.
  • DO NOT try to move your burner until the wax has cooled or solidified.
  • DO NOT add water to your burner as water and wax does not mix.
  • DO NOT add any fragrance or essential oils to your burner bowl.
  • Keep wax clear of debris.
  • Only ever use UNSCENTED tea lights.
  • Only use standard size tea lights (2-4 hours).
  • NEVER use larger 8 hour tea lights.
  • Only use 1 tea light at one time.
  • Ensure that the surface under your burner is flat and heatproof.
  • NEVER pour melted wax down plug holes.
  • NEVER place your burner in the freezer as this can cause your burner to weaken and crack.



Simply remove from packaging and break off your desired amount to fit your burner bowl, ensuring not to overfill. The wax will melt slowly releasing the beautiful fragrance into the air, with a shimmery wax pool. The intensity of fragrance will depend on your room size, temperature of the room and amount of wax used. For best results, always close your windows in the room you are burning the wax melt in.

Please check the back of our wax melt packaging for allergen advise. All our wax melts have CLP labels with the relevant ingredients.

Always check your burner regularly for any damages and cracks. Do not use your burner if it is damaged.

To remove wax from your burner you can soak up the melted wax with cotton wool or cotton pads and wipe clean with tissue or paper towels, or if the wax has hardened simply light a tea light for approximately 1 minute and the hardened wax should pop out in one piece. Do not use sharp or metal objects to clean out the wax as this may cause damage to your burner.