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Mystery Snap Bar Bundle

Mystery Snap Bar Bundle

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Our mystery bundle consists of 4 snap bars chosen at random. This is a perfect way if you’re not sure which scent you would like to try, if this is your first time buying from us or if you simply just want a surprise!

You will receive 4 full sized snap bars weighing approx 56g each.


How To Use

Each clamshell contains 6 cubes and we recommend using 1-2 cubes in the well of your burner for a desired aroma. Add a unscented 4 hour tea light underneath and light the tea light wick. DO NOT use 8 hour tea lights. Keep using new tea lights until the wax melt fragrance starts to disappear. Each clamshell will provide a minimum of 25 hours burn time.

The intensity of the fragrance will depend on your room size, the temperature of the room and the amount of wax used. For best results, always keep windows closed in the room you are burning the wax.

Please always recycle the plastic wax packaging.

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